Taipei restaurant – 麺屋一燈 Ramen Noodle Restaurant

Value for money: 9/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Service: 8/10
Quality of food: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

Live in Taipei and can’t afford a plane ticket over to Japan to eat your favourite Ramen noodles? Have no fear!
But, do be prepared to line up. With lines around the corner most times of the day, allow yourself around 20-30minutes to queue up. We went on a Saturday at 14:00 and waited for 25mins outside and a further 15mins at our table.
Anywhere that has this many awards for their Ramen has got to be a worth a visit, right?!
I want everything!
And I definitely want the goose liver in the middle, too!
(We asked what the tiny elastic bands were for – for girls to tie their hair back so the hair doesn’t dip or fall into your Ramen noodles. The thoughtfulness of the Japanese, I guess).
Here’s what we ordered:
1. 濃厚魚介沾麵 Special Ramen Noodles with chicken and pork $370
2. 芳醇干貝雞湯拉麵  Scallop Ramen Noodles with pork and chicken $230
3. 溏心蛋 (酒味道的)Soft boiled egg (Brandy flavoured) $30

1. 濃厚魚介沾麵 
Special Ramen Noodles with chicken and pork 


The price is stupid, I accept that. However, IT IS DELICIOUS!

The noodles couldn’t be cooked better: slightly hard in the middle, of a good amount and well seasoned.
The meat is also great: pork is well seasoned and cooked until it falls apart. The chicken is of equal quality, too!
The egg is unreal: the yolk is still runny and it cooked in brandy which imparts an incredible flavour!

Don’t drink this sauce directly, simply dip your incredible noodles in and then slurp them out.


This was a sad moment – the last spoonful of noodles.

2. 芳醇干貝雞湯拉麵  Scallop Ramen Noodles with pork and chicken $230


Inside this garlic and light scallop flavoured broth sit similarly beautiful noodles as the first dish, as well as the meat and some braised bamboo. The addition of the seaweed works beautifully, too!

3. 溏心蛋 (酒味道的)Soft boiled egg (Brandy flavoured) $30


It was so good that I needed to order another one of these eggs, they were unreal! Definitely get the egg!

Ice Cream
Free (免費的)

Yeh, it was alright. Glad I didn’t pay for it. We only got one between two, and upon looking at other tables it seemed that only the women were given ice cream…

Closing thought: go here. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

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No. 29, NanJing East Road, Section 1, ZhongShan District, Taipei City

Happy Eating!

2 responses to “Taipei restaurant – 麺屋一燈 Ramen Noodle Restaurant”

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  2. […] hence my first time going just the other week. But, I can safely say that Totto Ramen, Nagi, and 麵屋一燈 ITTO are firmly placed as my Top 3 in Taipei for an amazing bowl of faultless Ramen […]


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