Taipei market- 上引水產 Addiction Aquatic Development

Value for money: 9/10
Cleanliness: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Quality of food: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

Situated toward the North of the City before you cross the river into DaZhi, is the Addiction Aquatic Development.
Inside this awesome building there is a fish market, stocked with every type of fish you’d want to eat, or cook with. They have just about all the uni anyone could wish to see. Choose Japanese (better) or Canadian (cheaper).
Inside the Addiction Aquatic Development there are 2 main restaurants: a sushi restaurant and a seafood hot pot restaurant. We went for sushi, this time!
I think, overall, the price is actually alright for what tastes like decent quality sushi in this interesting environment.
Monstrously big BBQ shrimp!

The chef is also barbecuing the heads to be sold as a shrimp head dish. I am not that keen on shrimp head, it tends to have a much stronger flavour than the shrimp, itself. What Taiwanese (and I am sure, other nationalities do, too) is to part the head from the body and then suck the insides out of the head.

No seating at this restaurant, all standing. I am not a huge fan of this, but this is the way, I guess.

Let’s get into what we ordered, shall we?

特選壽司tè xuǎn wò shòu sī 
Deluxe Nigiri Sushi Combo

You get a bit of everything, here!

The Uni isn’t particularly special, unfortunately. They use the Canadian one, which is fine. But, the Japanese one is superior in every way…

Definitely recommend this for the first time here. And, in fact, for every time after. Great selection of nice fresh fish. Really, at $600 it isn’t as expensive as you may think for this sort of place.

炙燒握壽司 (4)
Blow torched nigiri sushi (4 pieces)

A nice selection of a few pieces of nigiri that all taste great. But, nothing special here. I wouldn’t order it again.

魚骨味增湯 yú gǔ wèi zēng tāng  
Fish bone miso soup

This is a solid miso soup and totally worth the $50! Plenty of off-cuts of fish in this soup. Often the off-cuts can be easily discarded, however, these were full of flavour and still with a fair amount of flavoursome meat on.

干貝弔 gān bèi diào 
Grilled Scallop Skewer

Yes, yes, yes, yes!
I love King Scallops and I will order these again and again and again and again.

炸榴蓮 zhà liú lián 
Deep Fried Durian wrapped in taro

Bought from the fish supermarket that the sushi restaurant is in: Deep-fried Durian.
Taro shreds encase the wonderfully stinky Durian inside.
Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the taro around the outside. And, I didn’t particularly enjoy the taro because it was a little too savoury when I was looking for some sweet Durian for my dessert. It’s definitely an interesting thing to try, especially if you haven’t had Durian before. Durian – The King of fruit – has a wonderfully pungent aroma with sweetness to it.
The fruit itself is medieval looking on the outside with thousands of sharp little spikes to its green exterior. However, on the inside you can reap around 4-6 little ‘fillets’ of fruit, itself. If you can get past the smell, then it’s worth trying!
Closing thought: Addiction Aquatic Development is truly a great place to impress friends who come to visit or, in fact, impress your date/family. With a plethora of different seafood available to buy fresh and also dressed as sushi or (if you visit the hot pot restaurant here) put in a hot pot, you are covering all bases.
There are plenty of seats and tables available to sit and eat your take-out sushi box just outside, or under cover if it’s raining. It’s an exciting experience and I’d urge you to go!


No 18, Alley 2, Lane 410, MinZu East Road, ZhongShan District, Taipei City


Happy Eating!

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