Taipei dessert – 平安京茶事

Value for money: 8/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Quality of food: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

This is just an update on the post above. This time we ordered slightly differently, so take a look at both posts to see which you prefer.

Basically this should be called:
“The Everything Set”

Because that’s pretty much what you get: a bit of everything!

Ok, so, here we have: Matcha cream roll, Matcha madeleine, Matcha Canale, Matcha Layer Cake and a Japanese rose dessert.

Wow, wow, wow! This is just a Matcha overload all crammed in to one picture.

Matcha cream roll – 10/10 show-stopping. We went for a no added sugar option of the matcha cream. We were warned it would be bitter, but we both absolutely love matcha tea, so this was no issue in any way whatsoever. However, for the not so regular matcha consumer, I would probably recommend a slightly sweetened version.

Matcha madeleine – 8/10 Really very good! My reason for the 8/10 is that it was bordering on the dry side. However, it is worth noting that it is still awesome and definitely worth getting. Maybe I am just being over-critical because the cream roll and the layer cake were just that good.

Matcha Canale – 8/10 Also very good. However, the outside wasn’t quite crispy by the time it had got to us, and the centre was quite cold, too. It had definitely been left to cool and then put in the fridge. Which, in itself, is understandable as they can’t be expected to bake them to order, however, I have had better elsewhere.

Matcha Layer Cake – 10/10 An absolute winner every time. This is a must-order here. It hasn’t changed from the first time I came and I never want it to.

Japanese rose dessert – 8/10 A Japanese slightly sweetened dessert with a wonderfully fresh and floral rose flavour. A delicious end to a lovely meal.

Matcha Ice cream sundae – 8/10 Top drawer matcha, but maybe a personal taste of not particularly liking tapioca balls means this only scores 8, for me. The matcha ice cream isn’t sweet but the matcha latte within is a little sweet. Using Hokkaido milk, the ice cream is thick and rich – delicious! At the bottom of the glass there are plenty of tapioca balls, if this is what you are into (I, however, am not. Unless they are at 陳三鼎).

Can’t come here and not get a cup of wonderful Matcha. We got this as part of the meal, simply swapping out the Matcha Latte and ordering this instead. I am not a big fan of latte, especially when a cup of matcha is on the cards. You don’t get a big cup, but the matcha is of a high quality, imported from Kyoto (the home of Matcha) and really ticks all of the boxes when it comes to taste. Served with a cherry blossom flower on top.

02 2368 2277

Opening hours:
The first Monday of the month Off
Every day 12:30 – 21:30

Week days before 18:00 minimum charge of $300 per person
Week days after 18:00 minimum charge of $150 per person

Weekends before 18:00 minimum charge of $450 per person
Weekends after 18:00 minimum charge of $300 per person

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Eating in Taipei

Happy Eating!

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