Taipei restaurant – 韓石鍋

Value for money: 8/10
Cleanliness: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Quality of food: 8/10
Overall: 7/10

Easy walking distance from NTNU campus means that this place can be busy during the evenings, but we went during the day and it wasn’t that busy.
Modest interior.
Good selection of dishes, with 鍋巴飯 meaning the hot Korean bibimbap and the 石鍋拌飯 meaning the Korean stone pot bibimbap.
Here’s what we ordered:
1. 豬肉鍋巴飯 zhū ròu guō bā fàn Pork with stone pot baked rice $150
2. 海鮮煎餅 hǎi xiān jiān bǐng Seafood pancake $150
3. 烤羊肉飯 kǎo yáng ròu fàn BBQ lamb with rice $130

1. 豬肉鍋巴飯 zhū ròu guō bā fàn Pork with stone pot baked rice
This is definitely a weakness of mine at Korean restaurants, due to the awesome crusty crunchiness on the rice. The pork was also good, cooked with lots of onions and put on top of the rice. I recommend to leave for 5mins upon being put on the table, then stir everything together, as this allows the rice to reach peak crispiness. Delicious!
2. 海鮮煎餅 hǎi xiān jiān bǐng Seafood pancake
This isn’t the best seafood cake I have had, but it certainly wasn’t a million miles away. Inside could be found plenty of shrimp and squid. It wasn’t too greasy (due to the greaseproof paper that you can see placed underneath), however, it still was a little soggy around the edges.
3. 烤羊肉飯 kǎo yáng ròu fàn BBQ lamb with rice

This was delicious! I rarely get lamb in Taiwan due to the popularity of pork, chicken and beef in the majority of dishes. However, when I do go to a Korean restaurant I will try and get lamb if they have it on the menu.
This lamb was fried together with onions and garlic in a light sauce and it was delicious. Served with rice and a fried egg on top, I recommend spraying copious amounts of the deliciously spicy tomato sauce (red bottle) on the egg and then cutting it into the rice.
One of the greatest things at many Korean restaurants is the small plates 小菜 that they provide complimentary for you. Here we have seaweed, tofu with little fish and fish tempura
(not tempura in the Japanese sense, but more a translation of the lone word in Chinese. It is a fish paste made into small and soft longs – quite good).
No. 40, Roosevelt Road, ZhongZheng District, Taipei City
Happy Eating!

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