Taipei cafe – September Cafe

Value for money: 6/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Service: 9/10
Quality of food: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

September Cafe is on 四維路 just down the road from MUME. The area is quite nice and sits just off the DunHua RenAi roundabout 敦化仁愛路口.
It certainly looks inviting.
There’s ample room inside.
In we go..
This is what greets you on the way in. Now, personally, I don’t like it. But here is why: the outside of the restaurant looks classy, the tables are really nice, the atmosphere is nice, the bar area is nice, but then this just looks messy and it’s like they’re trying to be too cute. Cut this out and place a stand with a menu on it, or something as such.
The work surface is cut in a classy granite and looks very nice and simple.
The tables are quite large and the area inside is kept quite spacious by not being too many tables. There is an area for big groups and also lots of areas for groups up to 4 people.
Here’s what we ate:
The menu does feature other dishes, but we were specifically here for brunch at 10am. So I am only going to feature the brunch side of the menu. On other pages there are items such as ribs, meatballs, sandwiches and burgers.
There are only two options for brunch. Being as there was 2 of us, we opted to try both:
1. September Brunch $450
2. Aged French toast $450

1. September Brunch


So, we thought that the table was fairly large for 2 people, but when you get all of these different dishes on one big wooden platter with (fake) grass, the table seems a lot smaller of a sudden.

We have a warmed croissant, two slices of raisin and cranberry bread, salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing, yogurt with granola and nuts, fried potatoes with two smoked sausages and scrambled eggs, butter, raspberry jam and a carrot (with something else, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was) juice. My drink of choice was an Americano coffee.

The best thing about this brunch? The scrambled eggs. So many times when I go out to eat this kind of meal and they give me scrambled eggs, I feel upset. I have a high standard for scrambled eggs, as growing up we kept chickens, so had an abundance of fresh eggs. I have become somewhat of an expert at scrambling eggs over the years. They must not be hard. They must be a little soft and runny. There must be butter used. They must be a dark yellow/orange color (signifying the freshness of the egg). These scrambled eggs were great! They ticked all of the boxes.

The sausage was nice and smoky and had been boiled and then fried, so the skin was slightly crispy.

I presumed the bread and croissant was made across the road at September Cafe bakery
which both tasted quite nice. The croissant had a nice buttery flavor and the bread had a good amount of raisins, nuts and cranberries inside.

The worst part about this brunch was by far the yogurt. The yogurt didn’t have a creamy texture at all, more so a texture of slimy whiteness. It was almost like it had half set after gelatin had been added. It tasted of very little at all, and I wasn’t impressed. The granola and nuts on top were delightful, though.

2. Aged French toast 

Here, we have 4 generously thick slices of french toast topped with yogurt and pistachios, strawberry, banana and blueberries. On the side we have scrambled eggs, the same juice as above and also a side pot of syrup. The drink of choice with this one was the Matcha Latte.

Much the better of the 2 dishes we ordered. However, a lot of French toast! The French toast was awesome, it really was. I have had The Diner’s french toast and really enjoyed it but this is on another level. It could possibly be the best French toast I have had before… The bread was definitely made at the September bakery across the road, it was soft and soggy in the middle from the mixture it was fried with. The edges of the bread were crunchy and the flavour was deliciously rich.

The French toast was served with nice strawberries, pan fried (only briefly) bananas and a scattering of blueberries, too. Also served with a healthy bowl of the delicious scrambled eggs, a pot of (I fear, shop bought) syrup and also the same carrot juice as the previous dish. The carrot juice had a very strong taste of carrot juice on the first sip, but I then stirred the juice and it became a wonderfully pleasant juice with an after-taste of carrot, only.

Overall, I feel that the decor inside September Cafe is a little weird: I hate the piece just inside the door but really like the rest of the decorations within the restaurant. Each dish is presented nicely and the ingredients were fresh and bursting with flavour.

Best dish: 2. Aged French toast – In what way was it aged? I don’t know. But I don’t care, it was delicious!


Dish I wouldn’t order again: I would order both dishes again, but I would choose the French Toast over the Sausage and Egg.

(Below is the address for the bakery, but the new restaurant is actually on the corner of SiWei Road and SiWei Road Lane 14 四維四維14巷口).


No.1, Lane 14, SiWei Road, DaAn District, Taipei City

Happy Eating!

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